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Our Purpose

The great prophet Bob Dylan once echoed in a new cultural moment by declaring, "the times they are a changing." Change is rapid, constant, complex and nuanced in the way peoples and cultures are shaped. In our world many ideologies, views of the world, and understandings of reality are pitched and pivoted all around us using various methods of communication and technologies. People are shouting to be heard yet seem more separated that ever. The Gospel Underground seeks to be a dialogue taking place in the borderlands between the church and culture. 

People who have heard the call of Jesus have a distinct nature and existence in the world. They also need to have a distinct posture among others and the various perspectives held in our world. We hope to contribute to the conversation between people who are far from God, sought out by God and seeking God in various ways. 

Our hope is to have a posture of humility and service as we engage ideas in an entertaining and thoughtful way. Our sincere prayer is that it just isn't terrible. 

The Talent

Well, talent would be a bit of an overstatement but the Gospel Underground is hosted by the two guys below. Praying people; they need your prayers to overcome the potential of all of this going poorly. 

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Jesse Furey

Jesse and Jenny met at Radford University and served there after graduation as full time campus ministers with Cru for 10 years before Jesse left to begin work on the Bonhoeffer Haus. Established in 2013, the Bonhoeffer Haus exists to train the next generation of church leaders through, ministry apprenticeships, theological formation and life together.

He was one of the founding elders of Valley Bible Church were he still serves as an elder and oversees church planting. He has an MDiv through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is investigating doctoral studies in theology. Jesse and Jenny have been married for 14 years and have three children: Elijah, Evie, and Silas.


Reid S. Monaghan

Reid Monaghan received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science with a minor in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at UNC he also competed on the wrestling team for the then perennial ACC Champion and top ten Tarheels. He is currently doing graduate work in Applied Apologetics, a multidisciplinary degree involving Philosophy, Biblical studies, and Theology at Southern Seminary.

He has spent decades working with students, pastoring, planting new churches and encouraging followers of Jesus to be thoughtful in their engagement of culture. He is the founder and president of Power of Change, a ministry dedicated to impacting and influencing the coming generation in the post-Christian west with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is also the director of Church Planter Assessment for the Acts 29 US South Central Network.

He has long been engaged with the task of bringing the gospel to people in culture in clear and compelling ways combining theological vision, apologetics, Christian thought and contemporary culture. His thinking and unpublished writings have been quoted in major works by Ravi Zacharias and Dr. Gregg R. Allison.

Some of his greatest joys in life are from the gifts God has given him in his wife Kasey (married 1996), and his kiddos Kayla (circa 2001), Kylene (circa 2003), and Thomas Reid (circa 2006).

Please contact him via POC's Speaker Request Form if you would like Reid to come and serve with your church or campus ministry.