Episode 5 - Show some LOVE

Reid Monaghan discusses some of the whys and ways of showing appreciation to pastors.

Reid Monaghan discusses some of the whys and ways of showing appreciation to pastors.


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Show some LOVE

Coram Deo Wednesday Conversation Podcast Episode - a good round table discussion

“Shaping Cultures for Ministerial Health in a Church Plant” Reid's Acts 29 article for helping shape cultures that care for the health of ministers within church planting contexts


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Reid S. Monaghan

Reid Monaghan received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science with a minor in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at UNC he also competed on the wrestling team for the then perennial ACC Champion and top ten Tarheels. He is currently doing graduate work in Applied Apologetics, a multidisciplinary degree involving Philosophy, Biblical studies, and Theology at Southern Seminary.

After college, he spent eight years serving alongside his wife Kasey on the college campus with the ministry of Athletes in Action. He pioneered the Athletes in Action campus ministry at Virginia Tech and was the director there from 1998-2004. During his final two years on AIA staff Reid also served as regional director for the Mid-Atlantic and Ivy League schools. From 2004-2008 Reid was on the staff of Fellowship Nashville where he started a work with young adults called Inversion, preached in the Sunday rotation and taught classes in theology and Christian Apologetics.

Along with a team of friends, Reid planted Jacob’s Well, a theologically driven and culturally engaged church in Central New Jersey. He also helped pioneer the Acts 29 Network in the state of New Jersey and continues to serve as assessment coordinator for and a consultant to the Acts 29 South Central Network. He is a traveling speaker where he addresses students and athletes on various campuses throughout the United States. He has spoken to college students at such institutions as Brown, Princeton, Yale, Wake Forest, Rutgers, UNC Chapel Hill and Virginia Tech. In addition to his campus work he has spoken in chapel services for the Tennessee Titans, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Football Giants.

He has long been engaged with the task of bringing the gospel to people in culture in clear, relevant and compelling ways combining theological vision, apologetics, Christian thought and popular culture. His thinking and unpublished writing have been quoted in major works by Ravi Zacharias and Gregg R. Allison.

Some of his greatest joys in life are from the gifts God has given him in his wife Kasey (married 1996), and his kiddos Kayla (circa 2001), Kylene (circa 2003), and Thomas Reid (circa 2006).